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YEAR 2015


PVT: Animal rights groups need to mind their own business By Zuzana Kukol, December 2015


YEAR 2011


August 22, 2011: USFWS proposed rule to remove crossed or generic tiger from exemption under CBW TEXT PDF and Comments to OPPOSE HERE Deadline 9/21/2011


Offers to sell wild cats are rarely legitimate By Susan Tepper, The Day, 2/13/2011


YEAR 2010

Exotic animal deaths are sensationalized
By Zuzana Kukol, The Chronicle Telegram, 11/3/2010


What are the odds of being killed by a US captive bear? By Zuzana Kukol, Blogger News, 8/22/2010


USFWS: Tiger delisting denied 8/12/2010


AMERICAN TIGERS FACTS Letter to NEWSWEEK By Zuzana Kukol, 8/7/2010


Washington State University Looking for New Cougar Mascot July 21, 2010


Reptiles and Animal Control 7.5 Hours of DSHS Approved Continuing Education Credits 6/4/2010, San Antonio,TX


Humane Society not welcome By Zuzana Kukol, PVT, 3/26/2010 The Wendover Times April 2-8, 2010


USFWS: Service Seeks Public Comment on Plan To Restrict Giant Invasive Snakes (Deadline 5/11/2010) 3/11/2010


GENERIC WILD TIGERS? By Zuzana Kukol, March 2010




Rattlesnakes for Pets in Utah? By Deeanna Croasmun, The Wendover Times, 2/12/2010


Captive big cats not a public safety issue By Zuzana Kukol, 2/4/2010


Salazar Moves to Ban Importation and Interstate Transfer of Burmese Python and Eight Other Giant Invasive Snakes 1/20/2010


YEAR 2009


Civil Reptile Rights Activist March in 2010 December 2009


APHIS: Submission of Itineraries Deadline November 30, 2009


Letter to Oprah Winfrey regarding the segment on Charla Nash and chimpanzee Travis 11/23/2009


USFWS proposal for CITES 2010 Convention 11/4/2009




CITES 2010 Proposal: Removal of Lynx rufus (bobcat) from Appendix II October 2009


How often does a captive bear kill? Pocono Record, October 06, 2009


What if I need my allergy medicine? By Zuzana Kukol, 9/16/2009




Animal cracker By Zuzana Kukol, 8/27/2009

Training to handle 'exotic' 911 calls By Mark Waite, PVT, 8/26/2009

Kukol awarded replica of elusive cat By Mark Smith, PVT 8/12/2009


HR 2811: HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TO CONSIDER PYTHON BAN on 7/28 or 7/29/2009 7/27/2009


Secretary Salazar Announces Renewed Commitment, Expanded Programs to Eliminate Pythons from Everglades 7/17/2009

The Animal Herald 7/15/2009


Python Attacks And Hysterical Politicians By Zuzana Kukol, 7/12/2009


Gantvoort should step down By Zuzana Kukol, 7/8/2009


Lawsuit: Alfred M. Boyajian vs. Georgia (DNR, City of Atlanta) 7/6/2009


REXANO CONTEST: Why should HSUS, Humane Society of the United States, NOT be writing laws for animal owners? Deadline July 4, 2009  MSDOC or PDF Files Winning Entry


Jackson’s pets spark fundraising war By JONATHAN HARWOOD 7/2/2009


Permits for multiple pets By Marlene Johnson, 6/26/2009


Scott Hollifield: Python project bound to go HORRIBLY WRONG The McDowell News, 6/25/2009


Malonas comparisons odious By Rhonda Kiker, PVT 5/1/2009


Horse Rescue By Zuzana Kukol, PVT, 4/17/2009




Response to 3/27 "Empty promises" By Rhonda Kiker, PVT, 4/10/2009


Wild and Exotic Animal Federal Legislative Summary as of 4/7/2009 PDF or MSDOC Files


Weighing in on 'exotics' By Carol Hamilton, PVT, 4/3/2009


Empty Promises By Zuzana Kukol, PVT, 3/27/2009


David Meets Goliath in the Old West By B. Kubichka, Wendover Times 3/27/2009


Somebody bring me an 'essential' meat cleaver PVT, By Ed Goedhart, NV-District 36, 3/20/2009


Response to 'Questioning challenge' By Zuzana Kukol, 3/18/2009


Neighbor complains: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! By MARK WAITE 3/13/2009


Oregon’s Anti Exotic Pet Attack by Roland and Lauren 3/9/2009

Animal Rights Activists Are Back Doing Their Monkey Business By Scott Shoemaker, 2/20/2009

Travis the Chimpanzee By Rachel Rigsby, 2/20/2009

Animal owners lobby Nevada lawmakers By The Wendover Times 2/13/2009

Nevada residents enjoy freedom to choose pets By Zuzana Kukol, 2/8/2009

US Congress Attack on Household Pets By Tim Cole 2/5/2009

Wild and Exotic Animal State Legislative Summary as of 2/7/2009 PDF or MSDOC files

Wild and Exotic Animal Federal Legislative Summary as of 2/7/2009 PDF or MSDOC files

Snakes can make great pets By Zuzana Kukol, 1/22/2009

Odds of Dying in the USA: Tiger versus Bed By Zuzana Kukol, 1/2/2009

YEAR 2008

Wolf Dog Sanctuary on Radio Show on December 30, 2008! Details in MSDOC or PDF files

Animal Planet’s “Growing Up Lion” – Was There a Happy End? 12/21/2008

Vice President - Elect Biden Finds Himself in the Dog House Just in Time for Holidays By Zuzana Kukol, 12/15/2008


AVMA: Comments invited on proposed reptile and amphibian specialty   Deadline Nov. 1, 2008 

What is a True Exotic Animal Sanctuary? Blogger News By Zuzana Kukol, 9/19/2008

FDA Final Rule on Prairie Dogs 9/8/2008 PDF Page and PDF TEXT formats

Disability Act, Removing Wild Animals from the Service Animal Definition comments deadline 8/18/2008 (see page 36)

What To Do When Tigers Attack? By Zuzana Kukol, 8/7/2008

Christian the Lion and the Hypocrisy of the Extreme Animal Rights Movement By Zuzana Kukol, 7/30/2008

Minimum Age Requirements for the Transport of Animals USDA comments deadline 7/8/2008

Should Pamela Anderson Win Hypocrite of the Year Title?
By Zuzana Kukol, 7/6/2008

NEW CONTEST, WIN T- Shirt PDF or MSDOC Deadline July 4th, 2008 ,See WINNER HERE

Would Real Monkeys do a Better Job Producing ABC Primetime Shows? By “Eileen”7/3/2008

PRO/CON: Is there adequate government oversight of exotic animal exhibits? 6/29/2008


Are Dancing Cobras Taking Over North Carolina? Blogger News By Zuzana Kukol 6/6/2008

Extreme Animal Rights Groups: Do They Really Help Animals? By Zuzana Kukol 5/28/2008

VA: Proposed Ban on Venomous Snakes Tops Board Meeting Agenda 5/11/2008

Snakes as Pets Pose Little Threat to Public By Zuzana Kukol 5/5/2008

Input Needed on Possible Federal Boa and Python Ban Deadline April 30, 2008

Animal Lovers Score Another Win Over Humane Society of the United States Blogger News 4/29/2008

Jimmy Kimmel Bit By a Rattlesnake STUNT, NOT REAL

Exotic Animal Owners Under Attack Blogger News 4/11/2008

Dr. Mike Heithaus' Letter Regarding FOX News “The O’Reilly Factor” 4/3/2008

AZA Accreditation Commission: Special Inspection – Tiger incident, San Francisco Zoo, 3/18/2008

Z, Coogie and responsible ownership By Mark Smith, 3/14/2008

Zoo Liability Clifford's Notes, Chicago Lawyer 03/01/2008

Alligators illegal - NV By Zuzana Kukol 2/15/2008

Support bill that protects skunks - IL By Calvin Wilson 2/14/2008

Pass state law to allow domestic pet skunks - IL
By Ken Walker 2/13/2008

Iowa Introduces Bill to Legalize the Exotic/Domestic Cat Hybrids Blogger News 2/11/2008

REXANO Applauds New York State Assemblyman Marc S. Alessi for Introducing Bill to Remove the Small Exotic/Domestic Cat Hybrids from the Definition of Wildlife in New York Blogger News 2/9/2008

It's a zoo out here in letter land By John Del Rio 2/5/2008

Tigers thrive, survive in USA By Zuzana Kukol 2/5/2008

REXANO Applauds New York State Assemblyman David R. Townsend, Jr. for Introducing Bill to Legalize Responsible Private Ownership of Wild and Exotic Felines in New York Blogger News 1/31/2008

Editors Duped: How Many ‘Letters to the Editor’ are Just a Pure Propaganda Set Ups by Special Interest Groups? Blogger News 1/22/2008

Animal Racism: White Tigers Now, Reptiles Next? Blogger News By Zuzana Kukol 1/15/2008


Tiger Politics: Is AZA and Few Outspoken Individuals Representing the Views of the Majority of AZA Members? Blogger News By Zuzana Kukol, 1/2/2008


Of Tiger Walls and Tragedies: Thoughts on the San Francisco Zoo Tiger Incident Blogger News By Tim Stoffel, 1/2/2008


YEAR 2007 and older


Tiger attack exposes oversight weakness at the nation's zoos 12/30/2007 REXANO quoted in San Joe Mercury News


Captive Exotic Cats and Public Safety... The Numbers Don’t Lie !!...Blogger News 12/29/2007


REXANO Asks the Fatal Tiger Attack at Public AZA Zoo Will Not be Exploited to Further Restrict Private Ownership of Exotic Animals Blogger News 12/26/2007


Tippi Hedren - Shambala and the Tiger Attack By Dan Stockdale, 12/5/2007


REXANO Urges Tippi Hedren to Take Full Responsibility Following a Tiger Attack at her Facility Blogger News 12/4/2007


We the Animals: Legalize the Constitution Blogger News By Zuzana Kukol 11/21/2007


NV: Many cats, wants amendments By Lynn Culver, 11/16/2007


NY Times: In the Fund-Raising Game, Blogs Cut Both Ways  By NOAM COHEN and JAMES FREED 11/12/2007


The Big Cat Fight 11/11/2007


THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Where did signature collectors come from? - HSUS issues 11/5/2007

NV: 5-0 VOTE-Animal advocates seek guidelines for new zoning By Mark Waite, 10/26/2007


NV: Three Pro-Exotic letters to editor 10/26/2007


What do legal prostitution, machine guns, Area 51, nuclear repository waste site, terrorism and phantom uncaged tigers at bus school stops have in common? By Zuzana Kukol, 10/21/2007


NV: Here come the wildlife ordinances ... again By Mark Smith, 10/19/2007


NV: Wasting taxpayers' money By Zuzana Kukol, 10/19/2007


NV: Fear, ignorance, dismissal of facts By Scott Shoemaker, 10/17/2007


REXANO in The Wendover Times, October 12-18, 2007


Critic speaks against HSUS By Tom Hennessy 10/13/2007


Cruel Deaths in Mexico a Result of Closing U.S. Horse Processing Plants:  AVMA 10/4/2007


ABC TV show “Wife Swap” needs exotic owners for the show-details in PDF or MSDOC 10/2/2007


NV: Inspections of exotic animals By Zuzana Kukol, 9/28/2007

If it is not OK to have a Tiger in my Bed, then why is it OK to cut my Dog’s Testicles? Blogger News Editorial By Zuzana Kukol, 9/21/2007


Don't Judge Non-Profit Charities by their Name - Educate Yourself. Blogger News Editorial By Zuzana Kukol 9/18/2007


NV: Animal ordinance would require annual inspections  9/14/2007

REXANO's 'Just SAY NO! to Exotic Animal Bans' Campaign goes wild on YouTube. Blogger News Editorial 8/30/2007


Why is our Congress passing taxpayers’ money wasting ‘feel good” animal rights bills? Blogger News Editorial By Zuzana Kukol 8/24/2007

REXANO urges Talbots to reconsider their financial support to an Animal Rights group. Blogger News Editorial 8/20/2007


Serious monkey business for Maryland woman Blogger News Editorial by Ms. Jade 8/17/2007


Cruel Law Prohibiting Owners of Exotic Cats to Take Their Pet with Them When Moving to Another State will be Effective on September 17, 2007 Blogger News Editorial By Zuzana Kukol 8/16/2007


Expose of WILD ANIMAL ORPHANAGE, WAO - August 2007


Is the President of the Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, an Animal Psychic and Wildlife Expert?  Blogger News Editorial By Zuzana Kukol, 8/8/2007


Humane Society of the United States’ version of “Wayne’s world”; or how spending money on Vick’s dogs is a constant battle for H$U$… Blogger News Editorial 8/3/2007

More dirty politics: Federal government attack on pet monkeys … Blogger News Editorial 7/31/2007


Why are Extreme Animal Rights Groups and Uninformed Legislators Sentencing Tigers to Death? Blogger News Editorial 7/25/2007


What are tigers, hippos and apes doing in a Florida reptile bill and why politics is the dirtiest job on Earth… Blogger News Editorial 7/24/2007


Tigers should go extinct? - It’s not up to you 7/23/2007


Are animal owners becoming too complacent to fight for their property rights ?  Blogger News Editorial 7/19/2007


REXANO urges all pro animal entities to stick together now more than ever  Blogger News Editorial 6/25/2007


Big Cats: Big Threat or Cuddly Kitten? REXANO interview on CatChannel 6/11/2007


REXANO joins other pro animal groups in opposing AB 1634, so called ‘California Healthy Pets Act’ Blogger News Editorial 6/11/2007


REXANO praises hunting alliance for taking aim at Microsoft’s support of an animal rights (AR) group  Blogger News Editorial 6/3/2007


Girl chooses to take rabies shots to save Bubba the bear  By Jaine Treadwell 5/30/2007


REXANO urges Microsoft to reconsider their financial support to an Animal Rights group Blogger News Editorial 5/23/2007


Federal Government Attack on Big Cats-New Bill Attempts to Outlaw Touching a Tiger Cub  By Zuzana Kukol,Blogger News Editorial 4/24/2007


Exotic Animal Owners Organization Response to Attempts to Curb Private Ownership of Exotic animals  Blogger News Editorial 4/23/2007

REXANO's 'lifetime odds of being killed by exotics' statistics quoted in Iowa newspapers  2/27/2007 and 3/7/2007


Secret to getting published finally revealed: use words 'exotic animal" ad nauseam By Zuzana Kukol 2/23/2007


Constitutionality of Current and Past anti Exotic Animal Legislation Probed  Blogger News Editorial 2/15/2007


Increase in suspicious dead and live exotic animal dumping  By Zuzana Kukol, Blogger News Editorial  Revised version 10/26/2007


Increase in suspicious dead and live exotic animal dumping  Blogger News Editorial 2/2/2007


Nebraska bill LB25-wolf in sheep clothing? By Zuzana Kukol 1/23/2007


NV: Open meeting law violated  By Zuzana Kukol 1/10/2007


NV: Exotic animals (Re: Big cat owner says proposal overdone) By Scott Shoemaker 10/11/2006


NV: Big cat owner says proposal overdone By Mark Waite 9/29/2006


Animal Rights Group Secretly Films Exotic Animal Owners and Fails to Document Injuries Or Escapes June 2006


NV: Elk, exotic animals on Nye menu March 15, 2002


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