NC: OPPOSITION TO HB 1614 By Elizabeth Pensgard, Executive Secretary RDOWS, 2008 See REXANO North Carolina state legislative alert page
Possible Federal Boa and Python Ban by Eric Roscoe and  Cynthia Marsh, 2008  NEW See REXANO Burmese Python and Other Constrictors Issues page
Generic letter against bans on reptiles by Eric Roscoe, 2008  NEW Captive pet reptiles are not a public safety issue.
  See REXANO Canada legislative alerts page

Proposed animal zoning in Pahrump, Nevada, 10/24/2007, by

Scott Shoemaker, Tim Stoffel and Zuzana Kukol

See REXANO News Archives page and TEXT of ordinance
Proposed amendment to animal zoning in Pahrump, Nevada, 11/1/2007 by Lynn Culver See REXANO News Archives page and TEXT of ordinance
Letter opposing Ohio state exotic animal bill H.B. 45, April 2007, by Polly Britton See REXANO Ohio state legislative alert page
Ohio: Testimony to the Senate Agriculture Committee on Substitute House Bill 71, 11/14/2007 By Polly Britton, OAAO Ohio Sub.H.B.71 As Passed by the House TEXT (companion animals, dog and cock fighting)

Ohio: Testimony regarding Substitute House Bill 223 - Kennel Licensing Bill:

- 10/11/2007, by Polly Britton, OAAO

- 10/9/2007 by Polly Britton, OAAO

A comparison between H.B. 223 and current provisions in the Ohio Revised Code By OAAO

H.B. 223, As Introduced TEXT

H.B. 223 Bill Analysis

As introduced S.B.No.173 TEXT

WA state: RDOW position statements on:

SB 6132 Regulating the keeping of exotic animals

SB 6315 Defining the wolf hybrids as dangerous

HB 2511Provisions relating to pet dealers

HB 2861 Dangerous dogs (includes wolf dogs)

See REXANO Washington state legislative alert page

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