W.A.R. is declared on the WAO animals

 Editorial by former WAO animal caretaker, January 2011


 Wild Animal Repo

 UPDATE 1/16: The Insider just learned that the show will NOT be airing tonight as planned. A  new air date has not been determined. We will update you as soon as we know more.

 Below is the ad posted on several animal sanctuary Facebook pages, including Jungle Friends and Wildcat Sanctuary (Jungle Friends even posted a kudo on Scott Lope's Facebook page):  

 "Don’t miss the new series ‘Wild Animal Repo’ on Discovery next Sunday, January 16th 9 pm and midnight. Scott Lope heads to Texas to rescue a troop of capuchin monkeys from a soon to be demolished roadside zoo! The monkeys find a safe haven at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary. Scott also rescues 22 bears from a suspected breeding facility and six tigers in flimsy cages."

Both organizations encouraged their "fans" to tune into the animal rescue show.

So I checked out Scott Lope's Facebook page and found these two videos depicting WAO animals:


As one of the former WAO (Wild Animal Orphanage)  animal caretakers, I was appalled as to how the capuchins were treated in the primate “rescue” video. No respectable primatologist would have entered a primate enclosure unknown to him or her, flaying around a giant butterfly net several feet above ground in the hopes of capturing or startling one of the monks into exiting the cage. The poor capuchins looked absolutely terrified. Sadly, it appears Scott Lope is more interested in looking good for the cameras and meeting a self-imposed deadline, than the safety and well-being of the relocating animals. And on top of that to claim that the WAO was a “roadside zoo” denigrates all the animals that were sent to the wild animal sanctuary by IFAW, USDA, HSUS, and other well known animal agencies.

Then there's the fictitious story about the WAO bears. Where do I begin [taking a very deep breath]?!!!

This video looks like it was filmed at the WAO's old 22 bear quarantine enclosures located at Talley Road. After viewing the video and looking at the pictures taken in April 2010, I am convinced the bears shown in the video are the WAO bears! Here are some photos of the WAO bears taken last year:


Apparently, several of the bears were loaded into transporters and then transported down the hill (by way of a front loader driven by Henry Newman) to Pat Craig's waiting animal transportation trailers.

[Okay, now I'm letting my breath out]

 The bears' and monkeys' stories that Discovery’s & Scott Lope’s ‘Wild Animal Repo’ video teasers are showing is a flat-out lie. I don't know where they found the two "actors" to pose as the bears' "owners"-- were they friends of Scott?

 As far as I know, the WAO was not a breeding facility, selling its bears to research companies or private owners. The entire confrontation scene between Scott and the fake "owners" was a complete FARCE, and Scott Lope should be discredited by all animal rescue groups and sanctuaries for lying to the public, by presenting a badly acted fiction sequence as the true documentary footage.

Make no mistake; Scott Lope did not "rescue" these animals. The bears and capuchins were already scheduled to relocate to their respective new homes. Scott merely hitched his media wagon along for the ride and then turned the animals' relocation into a circus--he was no rescuer!

As Animal Planet’s Hero of the Year in 2009, Scott Lope had an obligation to report the truth to Discovery channel’s viewing public.

In my eyes, Scott Lope is no hero. Where's the repo man when you need him?


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