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GOVERNMENT 101: How a Bill Becomes Law


Political 'Benedict Arnolds' By David Rice – DR_Sparktrician, 2010 

USA: The WORST Federal Bills Against Private Ownership of Exotic Animals By Party Affiliation: 2000-July 2008

REXANO Proves That Politicians and Lobbyists Introducing and Passing Laws Against Exotic Animal Ownership in the Name of 'Public Safety'

Use False and Misleading Claims  PRWEB press release

 REXANO Concerned about Constitutionality of Exotic Animal Legislation and its Effect on our Children PRWEB press release

Federal Government Attack on Big Cats; REXANO Objects to Attempts to Outlaw Touching a Tiger or Lion Cub  PRWEB press release

 Captive Primate Safety Act SB 1498 – it is two threats in one!


The Library of Congress THOMAS


Roll Call Votes


2012 Federal Legislation -112th Congress


Big Cat Ban HR.4122



2011 Federal Legislation -112th Congress


USFWS proposed rule to remove crossed or generic tiger from exemption under CBW TEXT PDF and Comments to OPPOSE HERE Deadline 9/21/2011 NEW


S.1324 Captive Primate Safety Act


  H.R. 511: Constrictor Ban

2009 Federal Legislation - 111th Congress


Wild and Exotic Animal Federal Legislative Summary as of 4/7/2009 PDF or MSDOC Files

Wild and Exotic Animal Federal Legislative Summary as of 2/7/2009 PDF or MSDOC files


H.R. 2811 To Include Python genera as an injurious animal

S.373 To Include Python genera as an injurious animal


H.R.669 The Non-Native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act


S.462 Captive Primate Safety Act


H.R.80 Captive Primate Safety Act


Proposed Ban on the Possession of Exotic Cats 


Burmese Python and Other Constrictors Issues


Federal Legislation Issues Up To Year 2008


DILEMMA Regarding

Farm Bill 2007: H.R. 2419 Food and Energy Security Act of 2007 Subtitle C--DOMESTIC PET TURTLE MARKET ACCESS Depending on the test

results which we can only hope for the best, it could either legalize the sale of small turtles for pet market that are currently banned, or it could

make things worse and ban the sale of more reptiles and amphibians if salmonella is found in them too.

As reported in the news: Domestic Pet Turtle Equality Act January 2008



S.3297 Advancing America's Priorities Act Subtitle A--Captive Primate Safety Act MSDOC or PDF files

HR 6311 The Non-Native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act

H. R. 6505 Captive Primate Safety and Disabled Human Assistance Act

Input Needed on Possible Federal Boa and Python Ban Deadline April 30, 2008

Haley's Act (Introduced in House) HR 1947 IH

Editors Duped: How Many ‘Letters to the Editor’ are Just a Pure Propaganda Set Ups by Special Interest Groups? 1/22/2008 Haley's act related

Captive Primate Safety Act (Introduced in Senate) S 1498 IS and HR 2964 IH

Wildlife GAINS Act (Introduced in House) HR 1405 IH


Domestic Pet Turtle Market Access Act of 2007 HR 924 and S 540

To amend the Animal Health Protection Act to prohibit the Secretary of Agriculture from implementing or carrying out a National Animal

Identification System or similar requirement and... (Introduced in House) HR 1018 IH