Animal Rights

          Animal Welfare (AW) = Responsible Animal Use
          Animal Rights (AR) = NO Animal Use

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2007 Animal Rights, AR, Sponsored Exotic Animal Legislation Coinciding With Suspicious Exotic Animal Sightings and Dumping in PDF or MSDOC documents




Humane Society not welcome By Zuzana Kukol, PVT, 3/26/2010 NEW The Wendover Times April 2-8, 2100




Testimony of David Martosko, CCF, US Senate, Committee on the Environment and Public Works, Environmental and Animal-Rights Terrorism and Its Above-Ground Support System  5/18/2005


DHS: Ecoterrorism: Environmental and Animal-Rights Militants in the United States May 2008




Never Give Up By Raven Simons, June 2009

"Animal Rights:" Pernicious Nonsense For Both Law & Public Policy By Richard K. Latimer, Attorney at Law, May 2009

Wasteful Tax Dollars By Cynthia Kosco, June 2009

Atlanta Investigation Uncovers Deceptive ‘Humane Society’ Agenda By CCF, May 15, 2009, also WSB-TV Report on the HSUS VIDEO

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Animal Rights Group Secretly Films Exotic Animal Owners and Fails to Document Injuries Or Escapes June 2006

Animal Lovers Score Another Win Over Humane Society of the United States REXANO Editorial, April 29th, 2008

Editors Duped: How Many ‘Letters to the Editor’ are Just a Pure Propaganda Set Ups by Special Interest Groups? By Zuzana Kukol 1/22/2008 

The AR Mindset By Ray Rooney, November 2007 

THE KILLER DO-GOODERS What Can Be Done About “Animal Rights” Outfits? By Zug. G. Standing Bear, November 2007 

Savannahs Do Make Great Pets, Don’t believe BCR’s Hype by Brigitte Cowell, Ph.D., October 2007

Don't Judge Non-Profit Charities by their Name - Educate Yourself. by Zuzana Kukol,  September 2007 

A Philosophic Basis for the Animal Rights Movement Or, if you thought animal rights is like a religion, you are closer to correct than you realize By Tim Stoffel, September 2007 

Why is our Congress passing taxpayers’ money-wasting ‘feel good” animal rights bills? by Zuzana Kukol, August 2007  

Is the President of the Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, an Animal Psychic and Wildlife Expert? by Zuzana Kukol, August 2007 

Humane Society of the United States’ version of “Wayne’s world”; or how spending money on Vick’s dogs is a constant battle for H$U$… by Zuzana Kukol, August 2007  

Animal Rights activists groups-what is behind their self proclaimed 'wildlife specialists' facade? by Zuzana Kukol, Fall 2006

Animal Rights & the Future of the Pet Industry 2006 by Chris Newman, November 2006

REXANO urges all pro animal entities to stick together now more than ever  by Zuzana Kukol, June 25, 2007 

REXANO urges Microsoft to reconsider their financial support to an Animal Rights group  by Zuzana Kukol, May 23, 2007

REXANO praises hunting alliance for taking aim at Microsoft’s support of an animal rights (AR) group by Zuzana Kukol, June 3, 2007 

The Eco-Radicals' Real Motives  by Joel Turtel, May 5, 2007

What IS the Humane Society of the United States? by Christopher Aust, August 2004 

Humane Society of the United States Misled Americans With Fundraising Pitch, Says Center for Consumer Freedom  CCF Press Release, August 2, 2007 

Consumer Group Challenges Humane Society of the United States: Be Honest About Your Goals  CCF Press Release, May 8, 2007

Testimony of David Martosko, Director of Research, On behalf of The Center for Consumer Freedom, Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Hearing on Animal Welfare-May 8, 2007  MSDOC   PDF  

Testimony of Congressman Charles W. Stenholm to the House Committee on Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry May 8, 2007   MSDOC   PDF  

HSUS Machine, a must see video

ANIMAL RIGHTS CROC OF ... by Diane Amble of We The People, Summer 2007 

PETA VS LSU AND COMMON SENSE  by Jeff Crouere, May 23, 2007

Federal Bill Against Pet Primates: Who are these HSUS experts  May 2007

The Animal Rights Myth of Pet Over-Population  by Cherie Graves, May 23, 2007

AR Fanatic Falsifies Data by Bart Culver, January 2007

If Animals are People, Too – Does that make PETA the next Serial Killers? by Polly Britton, February 9, 2007

Do Wild Animals Only Belong In the Wild? by Raven Simons, March 21, 2007

AR Fanatic Talks Conservation by Bart Culver, January 2007

FBI Investigation Documents Showing Urban Terrorism Connection of PETA
HSUS vs. ASPCA in the Vick case
By Cruelty is a Crime, September 2007

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