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of the Florida based "Big Cat Rescue" , BCR, sanctuary,  (formerly known as 'Wildlife on Easy Street, WOES) and its co-founder Carole Baskin  (formerly Carole Lewis)     


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What is a True Exotic Animal Sanctuary? By Zuzana Kukol, September 2008 Unedited Version HERE




BCR 2008 Form 990 IRS Click HERE
CEO Carole Lewis Baskin
Total Assets $ 3, 399, 294
Net assets $ 3, 381, 039
Total Revenue $ 1, 640, 620
Animal care & education program expenses     $ 276, 754

Salaries,other compensation, employee  benefits (total)

    $ 237, 831

Notable Salaries

  • Carole Baskinís father, Vernon Stairs

  • Carole Baskinís daughter, Jamie Veronica Murdoch, president

  • Veterinary services, Dr. Elizabeth Lynn employed by Ehrlich animal hospital

      $ 51, 183
      $ 35,785

      $ 10,000 (approximately)
Office expenses     $ 232, 607
Advertising and promotion       $ 98, 028
Part of BCR property owned by FL non profit corporation Return to Eden, INC Directors/officers are Carole Baskin, her parents Mary and Vernon Stairs and Lawanna Jones
Rest of  BCR property is owned by FL non profit corporation Wildlife on Easy Street, INC Directors/officers are Carole Baskin and her daughter Veronica Murdoch






Lioness Nikita

On the BCR website and in the news, Carole Lewis Baskin claims regarding Nikita that "She was contacted by the Nashville National Zoo when no other suitable home could be found"

However, our inquiry to the Nashville Zoo produced this answer: "Nashville Zoo has no knowledge of this"

Black Leopard Jumanji

Jumanji was bred and born at WOES/BCR, NOT RESCUED. He severely attacked WOES/BCR volunteer in 1998

Jumanji was bottle-raised as a pet by Jamie Veronica, Carole Lewis Baskin's daughter, who is a current BCR president

Snow Leopards


See multi thousand dollars 5 figure sale transaction

The expensive Snow leopards were bought as a gift to Carole by her missing husband Don Lewis


Willow and Natasha




BCR website claims: "At only 4 weeks old, Willow was forced to learn how to swim...In her own knee-deep urine and feces"

However, WOES/BCR own documentation shows Willow was bought for $450, and Natasha for $1200. Many others were bought, bred and sold (not rescued) over the years.

White or White Footed Servals


Bought and/or bred by Carol

See Don and Carol Lewis/Baskin own documents

Regular Servals

Many bought, bred and/or sold,


See Don and Carol Lewis/Baskin own documents


Disclaimer: all photos were taken at BCR, but some individual cats might not be the exact ones named by name in the documentation. Some photos are for species illustration/education only.


Before donating money or placing your pets in a sanctuary or a rescue, always ask for references and check for credibility (better safe than sorry). Donors should check the organization's tax return (IRS 990) to see where the sanctuary receives its funds and how much actually goes towards the animals (ie. food, vet care, and new enclosurers). Good resources are ActivistCash, Charity Navigator, iGive, GuideStar, etc...  Donors may also want to check to see if the sanctuary is a member of the BBB Charity Wise Giving.


As of 4/28/2008, Big Cat Rescue is not a BBB accredited charity. They no longer have permission to use the seal. Big Cat Rescue Corp (BCRC) does not meet the following Standard for Charity Accountability. Standard 20 : Complaints - Respond promptly to and act on complaints brought to its attention by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance and/or local Better Business Bureaus about fund raising practices, privacy policy violations and/or other issues. See PDF or MSDOC files, page 2.


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