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Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership,

is a non profit US based organization, exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to us are deductible under section 170 of the Code. REXANO is also a domestic non profit corporation incorporated in the state of Nevada.

REXANO is committed to protect the rights of animal owners. WE support responsible private ownership of exotic animals in any form, be it non commercial pet or sanctuary, as well as commercial breeder or exhibitor.

As long as animal welfare and public safety laws are being followed, the private (non governmental) ownership of these animals should be legal and protected in the USA.

Many states, counties/cities already have regulations, some fair some not so. Too many already have exotic animal bans.

We want to assist in securing fair industry standards and to prevent more unfair and unnecessary bans and regulations to happen again by providing you with tools, research and statistics to disprove the claims perpetuated by extreme animal rights, AR, groups in the media of these animals as being a public safety issue.

While we support reasonable industry regulations protecting animal welfare and human safety (just as double gate and perimeter fence law for big carnivores), we strongly oppose outright bans or extreme regulations requirements or no grandfathering clause.


However, from the standpoint of government regulations, exotic animals should be treated the same as the rest of agriculture or other pet animals:
If the government mandates what kind of fencing you have to use for exotic animals, then they should mandate what kind of fencing to use for agriculture or pet animals and have same laws available for all animals at large, regardless of species.

We are currently working to reverse the trend in over regulation, with the desire that in the near future to work on repealing excessive regulations and bans on private ownership of exotics.


The founders:

 Zuzana Kukol was born and raised in a former communist Czechoslovakia, in the Slovak republic.

After spending 1 year in a political refugee camp in Italy, she came to the USA as a political refugee and is now a US citizen. Even though she is trained in business and economics, Zuzana spent most of her life being hands on with animals, starting as a kid and teenager riding horses in Eastern Europe.

She has been keeping reptiles and dogs since early 1980s and big cats since mid 1990s, with emphasis on lions and tigers. Her experience with other animals includes some aquarium fish, livestock and smaller mammals such as American opossum, ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits and different rodents.

Scott Shoemaker has been involved with exotic animals since 2004. Until recently, he worked currently as a Defense Contractor, and is a former Military Intelligence Officer. 

He served 15 years in the US Army, serving as Commander, A Co 302nd Military Intelligence Battalion, as well as the V Corps G2 ACE Targeting Officer in Charge. He served as the Targeting Intelligence Officer for TF Hawk in Albania supporting Operation ALLIED FORCE. His previous assignments include S2 for MI Battalion (LI) (renamed the 204th MI Battalion), working with Aerial Reconnaissance Low (ARL) and the Predator UAV, and Company Executive Officer and Platoon Leader working with the Army's sea-based aerostats. He served six years enlisted time as a UH-1 crew chief before commissioning through Officer Candidate School. 

Mr. Shoemaker has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies,  from the University of Texas at Dallas.



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